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You bet your life.

For my friends out there who remain unconvinced COVID vaccinations are a good idea, please think again.

Breakthrough infections – fully vaccinated people contracting COVID – accounted for only about 1 in every 700 hospitalizations.

Put another way, people who haven’t been vaccinated accounted for 699 out of 700 hospitalizations.

A similar dichotomy holds for COVID-related deaths; fully-vaccinated people account for less than one out of a hundred COVID-related fatalities.

Not surprisingly states with lower vaccination rates are seeing higher infection, hospitalization and death rates.

Great source for tracking state-specific data

Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri are among those states likely to experience increases in COVID infections, hospitalizations, and deaths.

There is another factor in play here – unvaccinated people are far more likely to get infected, become a COVID host, and pass their germs on to others. So not only do they risk their own health, they also endanger many more people.

And – and it’s a BIG and – the more people infected, the more likely COVID will mutate and become more transmissible and deadlier. We’ve already seen this with the Delta variant; transmission rates are increasing rapidly especially in the South.

What does this mean for you?

Please – get vaccinated.

2 thoughts on “You bet your life.”

  1. The only way to contain this pandemic and defeat COVID is to throw all our science backed initiatives at it, otherwise we will be going in circles. Vaccination of the population is paramount and for all the naysayers I say -“you are prolonging a solvable problem; get on board and together we can!!!

    1. Andrew – thanks for the comment – we agree entirely!

      be well – Joe

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