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A promising new tool for physical therapy

I’m approached by lots of companies looking for advice on how to get their products/services into the workers’ comp and/or group health space…most are:

  • not exactly ready for prime time &/or
  • don’t have enough solid research behind them &/or
  • have glaring deficiencies &/or
  • just don’t feel right.

But when Bill Zachry called me about Plethy, I paid attention (disclosure – Bill is a long-time friend and colleague, has huge experience in workers’ comp, and is one of the finest people I know).

While Plethy’s Recupe is technically in the digital musculoskeletal space, Recupe is unlike other approaches in that the technology is not the focus, rather a key component of a comprehensive approach that supports physical therapists’ work with patients. Yes there’s a smartphone-based app, yes there’s a sensor that is used to help the therapist monitor exercises and recovery, yes the data can be seamlessly shared with other members of the patient care team.

In my experience devices of this kind are either driven by technologists or clinicians – both have challenges. Technologist-driven approaches often have significant clinical gaps, while clinicians’ efforts are usually clunky and hard to use.

Plethy has involved orthos, DPTs, and other clinicians in the entire development process, which has been managed/done by highly experienced tech experts with deep background in tech product development.

Tech should NEVER displace the involvement of clinical experts. Rather tech should support those experts, provide actionable information and do so with minimal hassle factor.

So far, Recupe checks those boxes.

What does this mean for you?

We are getting there…

note – I am an advisor to Plethy.

6 thoughts on “A promising new tool for physical therapy”

  1. I am familiar with Plethy and agree that they have an elegant solution that gives providers reach and patients easy access to the help they need.

  2. When a ‘right’ product or service comes along, I greatly appreciate your endorsement, Joe. I received a demo of Plethy recently and agree with your assessment. Easy to use from the injured worker standpoint and a great added tool to adjuster’s tool box in helping monitor home exercise.

  3. Bill called me regarding Plethy as well, without knowing I was scheduled for a second knee replacement in a few weeks. Plethy kindly made their system available to me. It is an impressive and well-thought-out product. While recovery from my first knee replacement last March went very well, after just 8 weeks the most recent replacement is exceeding the flexibility I currently have from the first; this despite an initial foul-up that delayed therapy and business travel that has interrupted that my therapy schedule. I credit to a great degree Plethy Recupe, which keeps me focused and provides instant feedback to the user on the progress they are making. It is a game-changer for compliance and outcome regarding physical therapy in workers’ comp.

    1. Hello Bob and thanks for the note.

      Glad to hear you are recovering and Recupe has been a big part of that.

      be wel Joe

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