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A COVID-free post!

By now you’re as sick tired of COVID as anyone, so today we’re not mentioning the thing that shall not be mentioned.

A few things of note that crossed my desk here at the Intergalactic HQ in Skaneateles NY…

The fine folks at IAIABC have developed a super helpful app that tells you what state workers comp departments/agencies are up and running, doing what things/delivering what services. Way to step up fast, Jen and team!

Also, members can download an issue brief on telemedicine here. Of note several states have emergency regs in place addressing telemedicine and related issues.

WCRI is reminding us that their 2010 study entitled “Recession, Fear of Job Loss, and Return to Work” by Richard A. Victor PhD and Bogdan Savych PhD is available here. Timely reading for these days when unemployment filings hit 3.3 million, 4.5 times higher than the previous record.

The issue voted “most likely to make workers’ comp adjusters go ballistic” is…air ambulance! Good news – MTI America’s Melissa Galea is leading a webinar on that topic; you can sign up at no cost here.   (MTI America is an HSA client)

Finally, for those concerned about supplies of mission-critical commodities, here’s an excellent way to ensure those commodities are only used when absolutely necessary.


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