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The Delta Variant – key facts

What you need to know about the Delta Variant

  1. Delta is more transmissible than the original COVID and the Alpha variant.
  2. It may be more dangerous as well; a Scottish study found Delta victims were about twice as likely to be hospitalized than those infected with other COVID versions.
  3. Various studies indicate full doses of the various vaccines are quite effective at preventing COVID infections, reducing hospitalizations and deaths.
    1. Canada – Pfizer is 87% effective.
    2. UK – Pfizer is 88% effective in preventing symptomatic disease; Astra Zeneca 60% effective against symptomatic disease
    3.  Israel – Pfizer 64% effective at preventing infections, 93% in preventing serious problems from COVID infection (note I was unable to locate the actual research; source is the Israeli government.)
  4. Delta is responsible for the vast majority of new cases in the UK.
  5. Countries with relatively low Delta infection rates continue to see declines in overall COVID infections.

What does this mean for you?

Get vaccinated.

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