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Is the anti-COVID vaccine movement a secret Leftist plot to reduce conservative power?

I haven’t seen any proof that it isn’t…and, well, if one believes the Left is a secret cabal of demons chasing kids, it sure looks like it could be.

Two very interesting data points.

First, residents of counties that voted for Trump are significantly less likely to have been vaccinated.

Same holds true for states…

Second, almost all recent COVID-related deaths are among folks who aren’t vaccinated; fully-vaccinated people account for less than one out of a hundred COVID-related fatalities.

And, the ones who stand to gain if more Trump voters die from COVID are Democrats and Leftists.

Of course this is utter nonsense, but no less nonsensical than accusing Hillary Clinton of leading a child-sex ring headquartered in a pizza restaurant.

What does this mean for you?

Satire has lost its impact.

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