H1N1 – the impact on employers

Of the many topics worthy of attention, I’ve been remiss in not learning more about swine flu, aka the H1N1 virus.
According to the CDC, to date there have been 9000 hospitalizations and over 600 deaths due to H1N1, and more are coming. There’s no doubt H1N1 will have a significant impact on employers – and also no doubt many have yet to plan adequately.
Here are a couple things to ponder…
1. If an employee gets sick after exposure at work (think teachers…) is that a work comp claim?
2. If a bunch of workers get sick, should you shut down operations for a while? If so, can employees work from home?
Broadspire, the big TPA, is hosting a webinar on H1N1 le\d by Jake Lazarovic, MD, the company’s medical director and in my experience a thoughtful and insightful clinician. The webinar is going to be held today (Monday) at 3 est, Wednesday at 1 est, and Friday at 9 est. Click on the links for more info.
Note – Broadspire is not a client.

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