Pharmacy Benefit Managers – if they report, why doesn’t everyone?

Last week’s post on the recent release of Annual Reports by PBMs Progressive, PMSI, and Express Scripts, got me thinking (spurred by a friend’s query); if PBMs produce these reports as a matter of course, why don’t other specialty medical management companies?
The wealth of information contained in these reports provides readers with insights into cost drivers; pricing; changes in prescribing and treatment patterns; differences due to geography, claim duration, and diagnosis; new treatment options; and changes over time in all of these categories/metrics.
It strikes me that industry/speciality appropriate information would be pretty valuable and help differentiate as well.
PBMs have raised the annual report to an art form; PMSI’s is extremely detailed and clinically robust; Cypress Care’s upcoming report differentiates between older (> 3years) and new claims; Express focused on opportunities to reduce costs thru increased use of step therapy and generics; Progressive’s discussion of regulatory changes was comprehensive and thorough.
The short answer is “it takes a lot of resources.” True, but the payoff is likely commensurate with the investment. Others are concerned that somehow competitors will learn the ingredients of their “secret sauce” and use it against them. Possibly, but not if you’re smart and careful.
There’s precious little real differentiation in the managed care services industry. Clearly it’s working for PBMs; undoubtedly it will work in other sectors as well.
and a “thanks for the thinking” to Peter Rousmaniere.

2 thoughts on “Pharmacy Benefit Managers – if they report, why doesn’t everyone?

  1. Joe,
    I think you should also point out that some of the PBM information is used by pharmaceutical companies to help push name brand drugs over generics which raise costs substantially.

  2. Thanks for the note. Workers comp PBMs do NOT provide information to pharma; the information they provide in their annual reports would not be helpful in the effort you describe.
    Can’t speak for group PBMs.