$20,728 – your family’s 2012 health care cost

That’s the figure reported by Milliman earlier today.
Yep, almost twenty-one grand just for health insurance and out-of-pocket costs.
The good news (!) is the annual rate of increase was a paltry 6.9%, the lowest trend in a decade.
The bad news? In six years, the average family of four’s premium and out-of-pocket costs will be $31,000. That’s if the inflation rate stays the same; if it reverts to the norm, we’ll see costs pierce the thirty grand level in 2017.
Here’s hoping someone – anyone – finds a solution. We know that Massachusetts’ premium increases are among, if not the, lowest in the country; we also know Medicare’s rate of increase is lower than commercial plans’. Perhaps there is a role for big government; altho I’m hoping private insurers figure out how to control costs without the threat of price caps.
Then again, we’ve tried that – for about fifty years – with pretty poor results

One thought on “$20,728 – your family’s 2012 health care cost

  1. Joe, take a look at this comment I left at The Health Care Blog and see what you think.
    Unless and until doctors, hospitals, clinics and the rest of the medical-industrial clinic abandons the an overloaded billing model aimed at covering every kind of non-medical expense in the world, American “medical” costs will never reflect the real costs of medical care.