Changes to Managed Care Matters

It is time to upgrade, and update, this blog. To that end, we’ll be switching to another platform – WordPress – which has several advantages over our current one.
The move will take place next week, and you’ll get plenty of notice.
This will likely require subscribers to renew their subscription – no need to do anything now. The ‘renewal’ will be very simple, merely requiring you to enter your email address on the blog’s front page.
The new platform will make it much easier to add video, images, and files to posts; manage subscribers; handle spam comments (we get about 50 a day!); and speed up the posting process.
I’m often asked how much time it takes to maintain and post on MCM; short answer is about 45 minutes a day, but that’s only because I have excellent support and guidance from Julie Ferguson and hosting handled by Chris Miller (owner of Artefact Design).

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