Headed to WCRI…

It’s that time of year – the annual gathering of the work comp experts/geeks in Boston to hear the latest research from those who are really the experts.

Along with discussions of physician dispensing of drugs (can we PLEASE kill this beast!?) to worker outcomes to opt out (two sessions that I am relying on to get me completely up to speed) it’s going to be a brain-filling couple of days.

For those interested in work comp – that includes you, hedge funds and other investors – this is a must-do.  Registration’s still open here.

One thought on “Headed to WCRI…

  1. They had to drop the session on “medical tourism” because crossing the Hudson River through either the Holland and Lincoln tunnels, or the GWB, or the bridges in Staten Island, to get medical care in NJ is not considered medical travel…commuting is more like it, except when Chris Christie ties up the GWB.

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