Coventry work comp services will NOT be sold anytime soon

It’s been apparent for some time that the senior suite at parent Aetna has way too much on it’s plate to even begin to think about selling off Coventry’s work comp unit.

That plate just got heaped with a whole lot more; CVS Caremark is looking to buy Aetna for $66 billion. (thanks to Richard Krasner for the head’s up!)

Reportedly the two companies’ CEOs have been discussing the potential deal for several months, which implies they are in favor of the transaction.

There’s a lot more to this – but I gotta hit the campaign trail.

For now, Coventry work comp isn’t going anywhere.

2 thoughts on “Coventry work comp services will NOT be sold anytime soon

  1. Why should they sell? This division is a big money maker for the company since 95% of the jobs have been off-shored to the four offices in Manilla, resulting in big layoffs of American workers.

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