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Medicare Part D explored

Several readers have noted that there are other reasons for getting involved in the new Medicare drug program, citing the government’s “loss prevention” financial arrangements, the sophistication of PBMs in managing formularies, and the desire to enter what will be a growing and eventually huge market.
The Piper Report has an excellent summary of th program and pays particular attention to a partnership between Cigna and NationsHealth. The post also has numerous links to other sources that further explain part D.
While all this is interesting, I sense a “bleeding edge” aspect to these programs. For most entrants into this market, this will be their first large-scale initiative into senior drugs management. The challenges they face will include:
–inexperience about seniors and their drug-consuming habits
–the inherent problems with adverse selection noted in previous posts here
–their inability to control, or even impact, the treating physician, widely acknowledged as the primary driver of pharmaceutical utilization
This last may be the most significant. At the end of the day, PBMs are transactions processors, administering (in large part) what physicians order. If they can’t intelligently address and positively impact prescribing behavior in a way that does not put the beneficiary in the middle, they will find themselves caught between the doc and the patient – a very uncomfortable position.
What does this mean for you?
It is highly likely that early adopters will get burned in this deal, and slower movers will glean vital knowledge from observing without entering the fray. This is one of those rare circumstances where I would advise caution.

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