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What’s on your mind?

I’m going to be attending the NCCI conference in May and RIMS in April and plan on covering both here in MCM. And no it’s not because I’m excited to spend time in Orlando: the location is perhaps my least favorite in the country.
This will be my first NCCI conference and comp wonk that I am I’m really looking forward to it. NCCI produces some of the most detailed and yet useful information regarding comp cost drivers, the impact of legislative and regulatory changes, and industry trends. Their work on drug costs has been particularly enlightening. I’m attending as a member of the press; kudos to NCCI for recognizing blogs as media.
The people at RIMS have yet to ‘get it’. This is the second year they’ve told me that MCM doesn’t qualify for media status, this despite the blog’s 35,000 visitors each month. I wonder how they’d handle a media request from dailyKos?
So, what do you want to know? What info do you want to hear about? Any emerging trends, companies, issues you’d like to hear about? Let me know and I’ll do my best to get the details. I’ll be blogging and twittering (?) from both conferences – this will be my first experience with twitter so let’s manage those expectations, people…


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  1. Does NCCI have good data on the aggregate costs of surgery in the WC arena? What percentage of surgeries are elective and/or scheduled in WC?

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