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Mark Walls moves to Marsh

Good friend, colleague, and social media/marketing star Mark Walls is now at Marsh, where he’ll be “developing market research, insight, and other content for Marsh colleagues, clients, and prospects on emerging issues, trends, regulatory, and other changes that affect the workers’ compensation market.”

But mostly he’ll be doing what he does better than anyone; connecting people, commenting on current issues, generating dialogue, and taking positions.

This was a very, very smart move for Marsh.  They got themselves the guy who is arguably the best-known “brand” in work comp social media.  And they’re going to let him be himself: travel to and speak at conferences, help plan and participate in industry events; engage the industry and the various stakeholders.  The benefits for Marsh are incalculable; every time Mark posts, hosts, or toasts the Marsh brand will be there for all to see.

For Mark’s former employer, Safety National, this is a loss perhaps much bigger than they know.  Many in this industry associate SN with Mark; his work greatly improved their standing in the industry, opened many doors, and generated huge amounts of positive press.  Unfortunately, my sense is his bosses didn’t “get” Mark’s value to Safety National, did not understand how his market presence benefited the company, and as a result didn’t take full advantage of Mark.

That said, SN did encourage Mark’s activity and certainly benefited from that activity.  While many WC payers would have looked very skeptically on an employee engaged in social media, SN embraced that activity, generally supported it, and in so doing helped establish a presence for the company that is far wider and deeper than they’d have seen otherwise.

Mark’s WCAG group is the largest networked group in workers’ compensation.  He organizes several conferences, national as well as regional.  He’s a sought-after speaker and expert for media.  I have no idea what Mark is making at Marsh, but it’s a bargain for the return they’re going to get.

Congratulations Mark, smart move Marsh, and kudos to Safety National for getting this started.

5 thoughts on “Mark Walls moves to Marsh”

  1. My hearty congratulations to Mark. I fully agree with Joe’s point: this was a very smart move on Marsh’s part; they will gain tremendously from Mark’s experience, connections and exposure. I wish you the best, Mark.

  2. Congratulations to Mark! Great to see his passion,devotion and expertise in WC recognized !

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