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Wrapping up the workers’ comp week

Here’s the highlights from the week after the annual WCRI meeting and Physician Dispensing Summit…

The incontrovertible proof that physician dispensing of repackaged drugs extends disability and increases claims costs has raised the stakes in Maryland, Hawai’i, and Pennsylvania, states that are all working on legislation or regulations addressing physician dispensing.  The key takeaway – dispensing extends disability and raises medical costs – over and above the cost of the drugs.

It’s no longer about controlling the cost of the repackaged drugs, it’s now about the impact of dispensing on employers and taxpayers.

I’ve heard from multiple sources – including folks in Hawai’i –  that the new new thing in the repackaging/physician dispensing world is SpeedGel...developed and sold by the wonderful folks at Gensco Labs.  SpeedGel is currently available in both OTC and prescription strengths, but word is the over-the-counter version will no longer be available (amazing what you can learn when you talk to their sales reps).  Evidently some payers have been reimbursing the prescription version at the OTC price, and we can’t have that!!

As you can see from the link, Gensco isn’t resting on their laurels.  Nope, they’ve been busy filing trademarks for new and wonderful topical medications that are sure to solve myriad problems – to date Randy M Goldberg has filed for 43! Coincidentally, there’s a gentleman with the same name who’s affiliated with Automated Healthcare Solutions…

They sure are busy down there in Miramar, Florida!

Don’t worry about the disclaimer on their site…the one that reads “The products and the claims made about specific products on or through this site have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.”

Finally, I’m going to be on holiday all next week in Italy.  See you in ten days.


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