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Among the top all time posts on MCM was the one a couple weeks ago about the right wing and nut-o-sphere’s claim that the feds are going to require anyone signing up for health insurance will be implanted with an RFID chip containing their medical and financial records.

As of this am, there were 12.386 views of that post.  I kid you not.

To repeat – there is NOTHING in the PPACA legislation or regulations about any RFID chip.

These conspiracy theorists either intentionally or ignorantly mis-read the PPACA’s Medical Device Registry language – which is clearly intended to track medical devices – hip replacements, pacemakers, spinal cages and the like – to “facilitate analysis of postmarket safety and outcomes data.” This language – which is quite simple and quite clear is mis-interpreted to imply that we all are going to get a chip implanted somewhere on our persons.

Of course we need to get these devices tracked – many fail, many are recalled, and there are many complications arising from these devices.  Rather than having no way to figure out who has an implant from the Acme Hip Bone Implant Device Co. by sorting thru paper documents, it only makes sense to have a central source that can identify the Acme patients.

Not only is there nothing in any document about this, but the tin-foil hat crazies propagating this rubbish cite a bill that was never even passed (HR 3200) and is not law as their source for this nefarious plot.  And, it has been refuted by Snopes and about a hundred other investigators.

But the monsters-under-the-bed crowd don’t let facts interfere with their claims – oh, no, not this guy.

There have also been a flood of comments from people claiming this is some part of a master plan of the Illuminati, or the FreeMasons, or some other obscure group bent on world domination.  After posting a couple comments, I’ve trashed the rest.

49 thoughts on “There is NO OBAMACARE RFID CHIP!”

  1. Placing a chip, for any reason, within your body is the work of the devil. Devices can be tracked in other ways besides a chip. Just register the person’s information in the database. You don’t need a chip to do that..

    1. A chip implant with medical information is the work of the devil. Doctors are wrong often enough and people have to pay for it while state and federally funded doctors are making the big bucks no matter what they do. I’ve read articles stating that 1 in 3 diagnosis in America are misdiagnosis. Why the hell would I want to have a chip inserted into my body with a bunch of incorrect medical information? I hope medicine improves in the country with Obamacare. America sucks badly in medical rankings nationally and we pay as a country when we are in bad health.

  2. Hi Joe,

    You should publish the conspiracy theory as your April Fools column this year. I bet you’d have thousands who believe this rubbish!! Now that would be a hoot!

    1. Joe Palooka thinks we will believe him when he tells US that Obamacare isn’t planning on microchipping every one of US just like mutts in a kennel — he kisses NWObutt but it’s not going to do him any good WTSHTF

    2. Hey ‘tard f’ing face, STOP your immature and unbalanced name calling and joke making about this topic. Yes, not only is this country already chipping people without their consent, but I personally have a taped confession from the company managing the data stored on them. We’re all adults, there’s no need to act childishly on such a serious issue as this. It is not life-supporting it is so evil that it’s destructiveness is hard for some to comprehend but none-the-less a real issue and problem. Do you need to hear my tape? Contact me and stop spreading lies.

      1. Well.

        At the risk of pointing out the obvious, one who precedes a directive to “STOP your immature and unbalanced name calling” by calling the object of their opprobrium a “‘tard f’ing face” may benefit from a review of the pot/kettle metaphor.

        Or, more likely, not.

        Perhaps my antagonist has been wearing an aluminum foil hat outside in the sun too long.

  3. Thank God!! I was worried, I had a chip put into me the day I got married! I don’t need another one!

    1. that is true, it’s in the Bible….and the Bible has predicted more that is coming true, I pray that people read Gods word

    2. I believe for those who belong to Catholic church, they already have their mark on their forehead? How? You can see them falling in line to receive the mark on their forehead during Ash Wednesday.

      1. That is not the mark silly…Catholics along with Contemporary Christians are just as sought out to be persecuted by the Obama Anti Christ regime!!

  4. hey guys, I believe in the Lord. Don’t get the chip or else you won’t have eternal life with God. Please don’t use it and tag #savetheworld cause I’m against it. Please help! SAVE THE WORLD

  5. ‘Conspiracy Theorists’?? Such an overused word for people who don’t believe what the mainstream media says, or do not agree with the government, their policies, and are fed up with the lies and BS we are fed daily in an effort to avoid becoming ‘sheeple’. Whoever uses this term makes me roll my eyes. Instead, you could exchange that term for “Those Who Choose to Question”, and so on. But please, get off the ‘conspiracy theorist’ chain. It will be ‘those’ people who will ultimately survive.

    Have a great day. And who is your company support by again??

  6. u people are crazy. there is no such thing as an evil barcode or device. just because u dont understand it,doesnt mean it evil.

    1. If there is no chip, what are they putting in our pets to track them and store their medical info on?

      1. Actually, the pet chips don’t track them or store their medical info and “they” (implying it’s mandatory) aren’t doing it. It’s a voluntary chip that ONLY has contact info so that if a lost pet is brought to a vet, the owner can be contacted that it’s been found. That’s it.

  7. So if a child rapist finds religion he can go to heaven? and if I get a chip, I go to hell? Sounds like your god sucks. I’d rather get the chip.

    The belief that a cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree. And getting a chip implanted to keep your medical records is a guaranteed ticket to Hell.

    Yeah, christianity makes sense.

    1. Clearly by your latter comments you are ignorant to these ancient historical documents and you do not understand Scripture

        1. God plans is bigger than any of our understanding, so feel like you have all the answer God is real and he will be praised by all men. The Bible does says all won’t make it so hey to all my fellow believers learned to wipe the dust off your feet and keep going God is too good for us to be trying to force him on anyone. God can’t be proven but he is revealed to all who seek him with a pure heart. God have mercy forgive them and be patient through their ignorance. As far as the chip revelations chapter 13.

    2. u knw what brady its pretty sad how we have ignorant people like u… do u knw the meaning of faith? think about it
      ur a ignorant person its sad l.. one day u will see jesus is true and right now that u have time u can stillchanged it.

      so stop beeinga lil kid and come to ur senses it is a spiritual war….

  8. Getting this ‘implant’ is so against the constitution because it goes against our rights. Nobody should have to worry if this ‘implant’ is for our own good or for the goverment to go through our personal DNA

  9. It is too fricken true a family in Florida were the first to volunteer. A man that was friends with Rockefeller heads from his own mouth that its the NWO plan and those who oppose especially Christians will be guillotined or put in FEMA camps otherwise known as concentration camps. What the hell do you think those 500000 coffins are for stationed in Georgia and other parts of the United States. They are already in your passports. A 7th grader was expelled from her own school because she refused to wear an Id that had a RFID chip in it BC it was against her religion. She had to do to q different school that dosent yet have . A club in Cuba its a requirement to have a rfid chip in order to get in cuz they scan you. Open your eyes its already happening. Conspiracy theorists are not too far off.

  10. It has already been approved earlier this year, but may take 10 years to implement. Agenda 21 was written in 1994 and now they are trying to pass it. They move slowly so that you sheep don’t wake up.

  11. It’s now june 12, 2013… So..every US citizen should have a chip implanted by now, right….?

  12. we say no to the micro chip, we refuse the mark of the beast, not now , not ever, God bless you all!

  13. Just get with it people. You want healthcare get the chip. Anyhow there is NO chip. There are no conspiracies , NOTHING. Dammit

  14. Any wanna be “Serious post” written by a guy who feels the need for childish name calling towards those he disagrees with must be 100% right. Maybe because he abides by the old rule of thumb “He’s rubber and others are glue…”

    Anyways, joking aside, it’s okay to disagree. But when you disagree with the tact of a five year old, it makes every thing you say sound childish. Try writing this post again in the manner of an adult expressing HIS OPINION. Also, Christians can’t prove its in fact the “Mark of the Beast.” And because they have no proof that it is, you have equal amount of proof that its not. Which means this post is YOUR OPINION. It’ in a way, your belief (or lack there of). Not a fact.

    1. Chad – welcome to MCM.

      The uninformed, misinformed, and just plain dumb people behind the Obamacare RFD chip story are just that. Given the ready access to verifiable information about this matter, there is no excuse for ignorance.

      You obviously haven’t read any of the cited material re the RFD chip. If you had, you would know there is no such thing.

      That is not an “opinion”, it is a “fact”. While you may be entitled to your opinions, you are not entitled to your own facts. If you are going to participate in the discussion here, do your homework.

      I don’t need nor want any advice from you on how or what to write on MCM. Especially when you so obviously can’t differentiate between a fact and an opinion.

  15. Those who say there is no chip are very wrong…the chip started to find out who a dog or cat belonged to…but somewhere along the line someone had another idea…really a very clever idea of having a very small chip inserted just below the skin…has all your medical information on it…so if you are in an accident and unconscious the Drs can treat you better…I believe this is thee start to very scary times ahead…they are paving the way for this new world order to come…think about it…as technology improves…that little chip may have a GPS in it…and if that happens…no or very little crime…they will be able to find you…why wouldn’t the government go for something like this?? Has to start somewhere…and people are right…things in the Bible and in revelations are happening now…it. IS end times. God bless those who believe…and I pray for the ones that don’t…and call us “crazy”

  16. Hi there I am a Christian and I read the bible. It doesn’t say anything about a chip implant. It states of the mark of the beast which is 666 on your forhead or on your right hand so we are all safe for but with Obama in office not for long

    1. Now obama’s economy management is rubbish. I hope there wont be a same thing happen here in the UK.

  17. Attempting to take a balanced view here…

    Lets take the “devil is rising” and “tin foil hats” as 2 extremes – the facts are this:

    The government under Obamacare are now forcibly implanting RFID chips into segments of society it knows will offer least resistance. In time this will spread to anyone looking to get a quick check in at airports, those credit flush who don’t want to carry numerous credit cards on their person, etc etc.

    The bottomline is that on this path – the government now has a tag on your body – something external which (in theory) could be used for any means.

    As a “free” person. This is unsettling to me. It’s widely acknowledged and accepted (I won’t cite specific examples) that the government LIE to the people – Gulf of Tonkin – ok I will cite one example where the government admitted (40 years later) that they lied to the people to further their political and financial gain.

    With a government that can do this – has attempted to halt any discussion regarding the implanting with all mainstream media and reports cropping up from all over the country about forced implanting – the whole picture leaves a very unsettling view of things to come.

    Not in my body. Critique at will but its my opinion and we’re all entitled to it

  18. The Law refers to two types of implantable devices, type III which would indeed knee implants and the like, and type II which would be a radio frequency device, or RFID chip. So yes, eventually, these RFID chips will be used in health care should Obamacare stay in effect as it is now written.
    However, the initial RFID chips are not the “mark of the beast” for 2 reasons: the mark of the beast is global, not national; and the mark of the beast will include the code 666.

    Is it concerning? Yes. Will you go to hell? No

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