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You won’t believe this.

But it’s real…

One would think the Execs at a dominant workers’ comp fund in a state where premiums are exploding, claims costs increasing, and severity heading ever higher would make darn sure they managed the little things; as we all know, if you take care of the little things, the big things take care of themselves.

Alas, it appears that the denizens of North Dakota’s C-Suite kinda forgot this basic tenet of good management.  Either that or they have come up with a unique way of encouraging honesty…

Seems that WSI issued brand new fancy ID Cards to all workers, complete with a phone number for the finder to call if the card is misplaced.  Interestingly, the folks answering the call on said toll-free phone number seem to be more interested in satisfying callers’ prurient pleasures than simply re-connecting a WSI employee with their ID card.

800 ID

Turns out the toll free number (above) connects to an organization staffed with “red hot babes”.

Babes that are very, very excited about talking with callers.

Perhaps this is a brilliant way to encourage finders to not be keepers, and get those cards returned quicker than you can say “hey, baby, whatcha wearing?”

Or, perhaps not…

I’m guessing there are going to be lots and lots of lost cards, and perhaps some very high phone bills as honest North Dakotans try get those cards back to their rightful owners.

Hopefully the guy who sits in the CEO suite, one who was propelled into that chair after last occupying the drivers’ seat of a state police patrol car, isn’t going to place the blame on some poor person lower down in the organization.  That would be easy, and wrong.  Because it is the CEO’s job to make sure the little things get done right, and if they aren’t, to correct her or his management style, directives, processes and metrics to make sure they are.




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