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Opioids in Work Comp Survey – more results & Webinar

Almost done analyzing the megabytes of data from our Survey of Opioid Management in Workers’ Comp; here are some of the key takeaways.

Here’s the key takeaway; most respondents understand the problem and know (generally) what needs to be done, but their organizations aren’t doing many of the things they should be.

In the “not really a surprise” category, almost all respondents believe opioids are overused in workers’ comp.

But this doesn’t mean they should NEVER be used; over 95% of respondents believe there is an important role for opioids in comp;

  • over three-quarters believe opioids are appropriate for addressing pain associated with catastrophic injuries or
  • recovery from surgery,
  • and two-thirds also believe they are appropriate for dealing with short term acute pain.

In comparison, relatively few – under 25%, believe opioids are appropriate for addressing chronic pain.

Both qualitative and quantitative responses overwhelmingly indicate the prescribing physician is the primary “factor” driving opioid overuse; almost 3/4 of respondents are monitoring physician prescribing patterns.

Clearly we are in the early stages of dealing with the problem; while most respondents know a comprehensive and integrated approach is the optimal solution, few companies have developed or implemented one; most are one-off, separate processes that rarely tie together.

Sponsor CID Management will be hosting a webinar highlighting key results and takeaways, you can register for the free webinar here.  I’d do it now, as there are only 500 slots and there are a couple hundred plus already signed up.

We will be diving into details in the webinar, providing examples of programs that are in place, the results of those programs, and where things are headed.  The webinar is November 12 at 2 pm eastern, 11 pacific.


3 thoughts on “Opioids in Work Comp Survey – more results & Webinar”

  1. Who took part in the survey? Doctors only? Comp carriers only? A mix? Without knowing who took part in the survey, I don’t know whether it has any credibility.

    1. Mr Powell – respondents were from a broad range of organizations with a broad range of job titles. Generally, most were in payer organizations however there was significant provider representation as well. The report provides extensive detail on respondent demographics; it will be available shortly.

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