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So what’s really happening with Obamacare?

Amongst all the noise about the exchanges and enrollment, it is all-but-impossible to separate the BS from the RS  (real scoop).  So, here are a few factoids.

What’s the net?

Too early to tell.  Looks like things are going much better than late last year – but things were such a horror show that may be “damning with faint praise.”

We will have a much clearer picture in May, after the penalty period comes in to play, premium payment issues are straightened out, and most of the rest of the computer messes are cleaned up.

6 thoughts on “So what’s really happening with Obamacare?”

  1. The 18-34 group are the ones to watch. Without them, watch out for renewal quotes for those who signed up this year and started accessing healthcare on day one!

  2. Joe, on your second ED Note, I’ve always believed that smaller networks can be successful at controlling costs in healthcare but only if the incentives to do so are properly aligned to producing better outcomes. Meaning that the doctors are properly incentivized to perform and not just selected based on the ones that provide the best discounts for a service. Frankly the same applies to work comp, chasing discounts is a zero sum game.

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