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Update on OneCall’s executive moves

In a press release issued late yesterday, OneCall Care Management indicated the company had named Chris Watson as EVP Operations.  While the release doesn’t provide any clear indication if this position is superior to the current two “divisional” COOs, word is Watson will have overall responsibility for all operations.

A press release about Ms Lane’s new position noted that Bob Zeccardi will “continue in his role as CSMO (Chief Sales and Marketing Officer); I had written yesterday “Long-time sales boss and all-around good guy Bob Zeccardi has moved into a different role, partially replaced by Matt Dougherty, former eastern regional sales VP.”

Clearly, Bob remains as CSMO; my earlier characterization of a “new role” for Bob may well be in error.  Not trying to dissemble here, rather basing this on sources indicating sales will be aligned with the two operational “divisions” (my word, not theirs) with DME (labeled EDM for some reason by OCCM insiders) home health, dental and “doctor” in one division and PT, Imaging, and Transportation/Translation (T&T) in the other.

I asked OCCM’s PR folks for clarification and received copies of three press releases; one referenced above, one about Linda Lane’s new position as EVP Business Development, and one about their CIO (which I noted yesterday), followed by a statement to the effect that they wouldn’t comment on sales strategy and alignment as that is proprietary.

Be that as it may, if there have – or haven’t – been changes we’ll know pretty soon.

(Note only one of these releases is up on their site; the two dated yesterday aren’t up yet. Sometimes it takes a little time to get press releases posted to company websites.)

Hat tip to WorkCompCentral for the notice…

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