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Friday update

There’s a lot going on these days; several major private equity transactions in the works with one on the cusp of closure (and no I can’t name the companies),

ARAWC is a new group led by Sedgwick’s Chris Mandel in an effort to expand employers’ ability to opt out of workers’ comp.  Currently Texas and Oklahoma are the only states that allow employers to not carry workers’ comp; there is a bill in Tennessee that would make the Volunteer State the third.

Smart move on the part of the giant TPA; expands the brand, positions S as a player in the new niche, and generates conversations with employers that otherwise wouldn’t happen.  Sedgwick gets marketing.

For those interested in more details on correct coding, the folks at Equian have added a sequel to their popular Correct Coding Initiative video.  With all the excitement about the 59 modifier out there, it’s well worth the 4 minutes.

In the “I CANNOT WAIT TILL I CAN STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS” category, a college in Baltimore has set up an educational program to train doctors on physician dispensing.  This after Maryland’s recent decision to not do anything about physician dispensing because, according to data collected by DWC, it is not a problem.

This just in; physician dispensing advocates and their supporters spent just over a million dollars lobbying last year in Pennsylvania.  That’s the total from examining reporting for 2014 for the various dispensing companies, medical societies and fellow travelers who were focusing on doc dispensing.

Nice of them to use employers’ and taxpayers’ dollars to try to suck even more dollars out of those very thin wallets.  Even nicer that they lost.

Enjoy the weekend…


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