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It’s March! well, almost…

Here’s the quick update on goings-on this week.

First, Helios has an excellent synopsis of rules, regs, and laws affecting many aspects of workers’ comp medical management here.  Get it, save it, and you’ll find it’s a great reference.

Kudos to David Williams!  His Health Business Blog has its tenth anniversary this week; he celebrates by hosting a most excellent Health Wonk Review.  Posts on hypocrisy and executive compensation at a Catholic Health Network, convoluted and mostly losing efforts to avoid the PPACA mandate, hospitals’ patient experience ratings and the profitability of fund-raising make for a quick roundup of news and views certain to keep you on top of all things health policy.

Ben Miller at WorkCompCentral reports on the recent spate of mergers in the PBM world (subscription required).  Ben discusses the non-work comp market, noting WC is affected by goings-on in the (much larger) group health, medicare/medicaid world.

Heard about several PT provider groups who are quite concerned/angry/furious re the 59 modifier issue.  Two have retained outside counsel and both are pursuing audits.

Finally, here’s a really good piece on how some efforts to motivate employees are counter-productive; Hint – it isn’t (all) about money – but it isn’t that simple either. Well worth your time.

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