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Where was “Obamacare”?

In the GOP Presidential candidate debate last week, there were fewer mentions of Obamacare than there were candidates on stage.

Over the two hour debate, the biggest change to the American health care system in fifty years was mentioned 8 times.

Abortion, Planned Parenthood, ISIS, immigration, Mexico, Russia all garnered more time than health reform.

If there was any doubt whether the Affordable Care Act is here to stay, the lack of attention paid to PPACA by the moderators and candidates should lay that to rest.  That’s not to say all is bright and cheery in health reform land; rates are going up (albeit at much lower rates than predicted); there are still millions of Americans without coverage; and the wrenching changes in our health care delivery system (some – but by no means all – resulting from PPACA) are being felt far and wide.

While almost all of the 17 GOP candidates have positions on health care, health reform, and PPACA, health care reform is no longer an issue worthy of debate.

Perhaps the most telling evidence that PPACA is here to stay is this: Sen. Marco Rubio purchased health insurance thru the D.C. Exchange (and took advantage of a $10k federal subsidy), a decision that seems stunning but wasn’t worthy of mention by any of the moderators or fellow candidates.

What does this mean for you?

PPACA is here to stay.

One thought on “Where was “Obamacare”?”

  1. I by no means think it’s tell-tale evidence that it’s not being discussed or that Sen. Rubio was following the LAW. We don’t have to like laws, but we sure need to follow them and of course take advantage of whatever that means. I may not like tax laws but if there is an advantage to what the present tax laws have, hey, I’m not stupid either. I mean, if you can’t beat them join them, until you find another way to turn it around. Right?
    With that said, this subject is MUCH more complex than a 1 minute answer. I doubt very much anyone will say too much about gay marriages either….. (hmmm another non subject). Healthcare and a couple total complex subjects are going to be on the back burner for just a bit. Especially in the first debate. (well, except for maybe Trump). That’s not a tell-tale sign, that just smart!!!. Many people are sitting on the fence about the Democratic outcome (especially NOW in light of recent events) , and even more skeptic about the GOP potential outcome. Hilary versus the unknown….No wonder Trump is so favored. A few things would really push people one way or another, such as the ACA and Gay marriages . Hey, rest assure when prices increase at the end of the year (for the ones NOT on the exchange and on the exchange), the GOP will be right there and capitalize on it!!! That in itself will open peoples eyes and ears no matter how much political logic everyone uses. Out of pocket is all that the AVERAGE person cares about, not all the political ‘stuff’ surrounding it. (Remember, I said AVERAGE person!!)

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