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Friday catch-up

Here’s a few things I missed this week – and a big thank you to you, loyal reader.

First, thank you to all the folks who reached out publicly and privately to offer condolences on my political campaign and thank me for running. I deeply appreciate each and every one of you, and cannot thank you enough.

It’s Veteran’s Day (observed) today – thanks to all of you who have served.

Okay, here’s the big news of the week…

The death of “Obamacare” was announced prematurelyACA signups are breaking records.

Enrollment is well ahead of any previous year, as in more than 50% higher in the first few days of the month. There are likely several factors driving enrollment:

  • grassroots organizations like Get America Covered, the Indivisible ACA Signup Project are doing a great job despite the Administration’s efforts to kneecap enrollment efforts (thanks Charles Gaba)
  • Costs for bronze plans for millions of Americans are actually very affordable; while the coverage is thin the cost is almost nil, making it an obvious “no brainer”
  • Loss aversion – as I’ve noted here before, people hate losing something more than they like getting something, so Trump’s continual blathering about the death of “Obamacare” is likely reminding many that they better sign up now.

I hate Purdue Pharma

And I don’t use that word lightly.

A very well-researched and written piece in the New Yorker about Purdue Pharma and the family that gave us the opioid crisis is required reading. If you want to know why 60,000 friends, family members, and neighbors died of drug overdoses last year, here is the answer.

China is a major drug supplier

And it’s unbelievably easy to get illicit drugs sent here from China.

Why large employers are buying healthcare directly

Because the outcomes are much more consistent and much better, costs are lower, and there’s a LOT of crappy medical care out there. There’s a movement among smart buyers to STRONGLY encourage their insureds to use specific providers for specific conditions, and that movement is going to explode.

Here’s a key takeaway:

While nearly all of the 450 spine patients who presented to one of the participating centers had been recommended for surgery by providers in their home markets, only 62% of the patients were found to be suitable candidates for surgery by the COE [center of excellence] sites. Instead of unnecessary surgery, activity-based therapies, pain injections, physical therapy, or weight loss were recommended by our providers.

Vacation is next week – I won’t be posting.

Enjoy the weekend!

4 thoughts on “Friday catch-up”

  1. Joe, have a nice vacation, I would love to hear more on “There’s a movement among smart buyers to STRONGLY encourage their insureds to use specific providers for specific conditions, and that movement is going to explode.” and how that could be executed. Take care

    1. thanks Blake – there’s a link in the article that provides a lot of detail – let me know if it doesn’t work.

  2. Joe, I always appreciate your insight to the market places. New York lost a valuable public servant opportunity by not having you in the deliberative body. But being selfish I am happy that your full attention in back on the health care industry and specifically workers’ compensation

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