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I’m back…

From a 5 day bike-packing trip from Pittsburgh to D.C. Great to get off the grid and out in the woods/mud/gravel/wind. Really…

So, next week is NCCI’s annual confab.  Looking forward to seeing old friends and colleagues and hearing the latest from Raji Chadarevian and Sean Cooper on medical drivers, Donna Glenn’s State of the Industry report, Roger Ferguson’s discussion of the financial scars left by COVID, and the ever-entertaining and informative Bob Hartwig.

Also on the agenda is Katie Williamson’s assessment of catastrophes’ impact on workers comp. As a long-time believer in anthropomorphic climate change, I’m looking forward to Ms Williamson’s comments (which will cover much more than weather and climate).

Also just out from our friends in Florida is a discussion of Medicare fee schedule changes and attendant impact on workers’ compensation. While pretty deep into the nerd zone, this is one of those “I wish I’d known this ahead of time” things you may reflect back on when wondering why costs changed/prices shifted/utilization bounced up.

Couple quick hits…

Some states are directly tied to CMS so when CMS changes, WC Fee Schedules quickly follow suit. However, other states are indirectly tied, use part of CMS’ methodology, or factor CMS in to their calculations.

Pic courtesy NCCI

Facility rates will also increase – by around 2.5%. No surprise there – although one can expect higher inflation in Florida because…well, it’s Florida.

Congratulations to Carisk’s Alana Letourneau MD MBA on being named a 2022 Rising Insurance Star Executives 35 Under 35 Award winner. I’ve worked with Dr Letourneau in the past; she is insightful, deeply committed to her work, practical and an excellent communicator.

While I was gliding along the C&O canal last week, WCRI was publishing Karen Rothkin’s annual guide to workers’ compensation laws and regulations.  Free to members and well worth the investment for non-members.

Ok, back to catching up on work stuff.


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