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The core issue – the anti-Americans.

Those who continue to deny the results of the 2020 elections are anti-American; they seek to reject any result they don’t like. That is incredibly dangerous and a threat to our Republic.

Across more than 60 cases in 12 states, final rulings in every court case – including every one overseen by Trump-appointed judges – rejected allegations of fraud and confirmed the results of the election. 

If you care about democracy, you need to know which candidates are election deniers – or more accurately anti-American.

here’s just a few…

To find election deniers running for office in your state; just click on this link, then your state to identify those who refuse to accept the will of the people.

Need more info?

Trump’s own Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity disbanded having discovered nothing.

The Heritage Foundation Election Fraud Database has compiled every instance of any kind of voter fraud it could find since 1982. It contains 1,296 incidents, a minuscule percentage of the votes cast.

study of results in three states where all voters are mailed actual ballots, a practice some allege to be rife with fraud, found just 372 possible cases of illegal voting of 14.6 million cast in the 2016 and 2018 general elections — 0.0025 percent.

11 thoughts on “The core issue – the anti-Americans.”

  1. Hey Joe, No doubt that election denial and sowing mistrust in the system is a bad thing for America. However, you left a few names off your list. I’m sure it was a simple oversight. In the public interest, I add them here:
    [Note Bob’s initial comment didn’t provide sources; I asked he do so and he courteously did.]

    Regarding the continuing allegations over Bush V Gore:

    Terry McAuliffe: “They stole the last presidential election” (reference to Bush v Gore)

    (Better add Terry McAuliffe to that list)

    Yes, Bush v. Gore Did Steal the Election

    9/11 Made the Media Whitewash What Really Happened in Bush v. Gore

    EXAMINING THE VOTE: THE OVERVIEW; Study of Disputed Florida Ballots Finds Justices Did Not Cast the Deciding Vote

    (From a Non-credible source!) VP Harris’ new comms director said George W. Bush ‘stole’ election from Gore, was ‘illegitimate’
    (But the tweets exist – such as this one

    Hillary Clinton: Trump is an “Illegitimate” President

    Regarding Boxer and Tubbs:

    Democrats challenge Ohio electoral votes

    Boxer delays presidential vote count with protest / Senator, colleague object to Ohio tally — Electoral College confirmation held up

    And it is surprising you need citations on Stacey Abrams – surely you’re aware of this…

    Why Stacey Abrams Owes Georgia an Apology

    Why Stacey Abrams is still saying she won.

    WATCH: Biden, Harris deliver remarks in Georgia on protecting voting rights, election integrity

    Cory Booker says the Georgia election is being ‘stolen’ from Stacey Abrams

    Election denial has been around for at least the last 22 years. All sides should be careful, “for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

    1. Always interesting to hear from you Bob.

      A few critical and quite important differences between Bob’s litany of complaints and the 2020 denials.

      First, having run for public office myself I know firsthand the emotion, energy, time and effort candidates invest. I fully understand the frustration of those candidates that believe they lost due to unfair practices, dirty tricks, and/or voter suppression. That was not the case in my situation but it didn’t do much to blunt the disappointment.

      Regarding Bob’s list:

      these are NOT election denials but rather complaints about issues related to elections (read Bob’s cite re Boxer).

      – The individual instances Bob cites are just that – individual complaints by individuals, not dozens of lawsuits filed in state and federal courts on behalf of a president who lost re-election.

      Bob’s citation of Abrams as an election denier is inaccurate – which is a nice way of saying wrong.

      Abrams’ complaints revolve around issues that affected the election e.g. voter suppression. She specifically and publicly acknowledged that Kemp was elected governor.

      Boxer et al did not sue anyone nor did they “deny” an election result; they delayed a vote to air significant concerns about voting in Ohio, concerns which were detailed in Bob’s citation.

      The net is this – Comparing the massive scope and scale of the 2020 Election denial to a few complaints about process, voter suppression and hanging chads is like comparing a few fistfights to a military attack.

      Be well Joe

  2. Joe, I see you excluded Stacy Abrams from your list. Different election, but the same denial of the final results.

  3. As someone who identifies with Republican values, I find it difficult to vote for the Trumplican options in my state, which is very frustrating. To not vote, or vote for the Democrat is the alternative. Until the Republican party regains some dignity, I think I am going to be facing this dilemma. Those who accept these candidates I would suspect are fine with the denial of the 2020 elections… also very scary. 60 candidates but how many Americans in the same camp. Truly sad.

    1. Thanks for the thoughtful comment David.

      Alas I’m not sure where either party’s “values” lie these days.

      My guess is some Republican candidates abhor Trumpism but know they can’t be elected if they veer away from it. Not so for the deniers.

      be well Joe

  4. From a reader:

    Not only do they deny after going 0 for 65 in the courts including 0 for 10 in courts rulings from judges appointed by Trump but now they are suing to get mail-in ballots thrown out. The Washington Post is reporting that in PA, they have successfully sued to get votes through out if there is not a date on the outside of the envelop even if it is received prior to election day. In MI, mail-in votes not cast with an ID are the target even though these votes still comply with MI statute. In WI, some votes may be thrown out if not witnessed. This is getting to the point of absurdity. We will have 30 to 40 percent of the population ruling the total and implementing unpopular laws and no fair elections in the future. But the unfairness will not be coming from the Democrats. It is a Republican issue including the few dead people that voted in PA in the 2020 election (but they voted for Trump).

  5. Thanks for the post Joe! Always enjoy reading your blog (will continue to do so as well), even though I don’t agree with you all the time. “Election Deniers” is the new buzzword du jour that we label people we don’t like. What is anti-American anyways? Is forcing a vaccine upon people anti-American? An administration forcing social media sites to blackball people they don’t like? Defunding the police? Your antii-American concerns are another person’s campaign strategy. This all sounds so familiar, doesn’t it? COVID deniers, Vaccine deniers, Science deniers and the list goes on and on and on.

    Make no mistake, I think what happened at the capital was disgusting and anyone who thinks the election was stolen should pump the brakes, start thinking for themselves (very un-American) and stop listening to pinheads. That said, people have been saying or doing whatever it takes to get elected since we started having elections and it’s rampant on both sides. How about we all stop listening to the chatter class on tv, twitter and news sites that are only interested in dangerous, ignorant rhetoric? How about we all start listening and understanding each other better and we’d realize that we have a lot in common and that the doom merchants are just flat out wrong. Our democracy is not under threat and if the Republicans win the House, not much is going to happen. No significant piece of legislation will be passed and that is down to the beauty of our system that no party should have absolute control. Let’s all calm down and stop winding each other up. Fight for our democracy by exercising your civic duty to vote.

    1. Hello Brad and thanks for weighing in – appreciate you taking the time.

      I’m glad to hear you don’t agree with me all the time; I’ve been known to be wrong (shocking I know) on occasion. See my annual predictions for confirmation…

      I’d reciprocate by saying I agree with most of your statements/recommendations, although we have a different view on the election deniers. This is fundamentally different from other election issues we’ve encountered in the 46 years I’ve been able to vote. It isn’t “my opponent hates black/brown/white people” (although that’s pretty awful), or “my opponent did something really awful in college” or “my opponent is a communist/fascist/witch/moron”…

      This is 171+ people running for office claiming that a legitimate national election was fraudulent, stolen, a lie. And most of them will be elected.

      And when they are they will do whatever they can to make sure votes from people they disagree with don’t count or aren’t allowed. That is a very real threat.

      I’d encourage you to read some of what these people are saying they will do. There’s a very useful tool put together by Bloomberg here –

      And google ““independent state legislature doctrine.”

      I’d love to be sanguine but these people are really dangerous.

      Boy do I hope I’m wrong. Let’s reconnect in February to see what the deniers are doing.

      Be well Joe

  6. Thanks Joe. Appreciate the response and I will check that out. I guess it’s hard to determine who out of all these people are just playing politics or truly believe an election was stolen. Regardless, we both agree that it is a slippery slope. Be well Sir!

    1. Brad – thanks – this is the kind of conversation you called for and in which we all should engage. Fact based, respectful, and always always always start with acknowledging where we agree.

      be well Joe

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