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How much is too much?

The average family of four’s healthcare insurance and related costs are more than $31,000.

Which begs the question – how much is too much?

At what point do workers, employers, taxpayers make that call?

Because it is going to happen.

Look at your budget, your income, your future expenses…when does healthcare become unaffordable? a quarter of your income? a third?

Sure, you aren’t paying the entire $31k…

  • your employer pays a big chunk,
  • taxpayers subsidize employee benefits so
  • taxes are higher due to that subsidy,
  • but your deductible/coinsurance costs are likely several thousand dollars.

What does this mean for you?

I’d ask you to think hard about this – because we will all have to make this choice.

Sooner than we’d like.

2 thoughts on “How much is too much?”

  1. Especially since we are paying for such poor quality of care. Being stuck in the medical mill, a reductionist system unable to assess a whole system with a penchant for dispersing drugs for any minute symptom is a nightmare. Eat healthy, exercise, avoid bad habits and stay away from doctors unless necessary.

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