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Since the Supreme Court overturned the right to abortion, almost 60,000 women had rape-caused pregnancies – and live in states where they cannot get an abortion.

From the American Medical Association’s research:

In the 14 states that implemented total abortion bans following the Dobbs decision, we estimated that 519 981 completed rapes were associated with 64 565 pregnancies during the 4 to 18 months that bans were in effect (Table 2). Of these, an estimated 5586 rape-related pregnancies (9%) occurred in states with rape exceptions, and 58 979 (91%) in states with no exception, with 26 313 (45%) in Texas.

Notably, even in states that allegedly allow exceptions for rape or incest – e.g. Idaho – the AMA found NO abortions have occurred.


60,000 girls, teens, and women who were raped will have live or dead babies.

The psychological damage will be devastating for them, their loved ones, and their babies.

Make no mistake, the burden will fall on the least fortunate of us...almost everyone subscribed to MCM has healthcare; you and your daughters/wives can travel to states that allow abortion.

The vast majority of victims live in states that have crappy Medicaid coverage, so many/most won’t have coverage for/access to pre-natal care, ob/gyn services, labor and delivery, and infant/pediatric health.

Not to mention mental health.

The shameless hypocrisy of the “protect life” crowd in these states is overwhelming... forcing rape victims to have babies and not providing the women or the babies with healthcare is just…unthinkable.

The cost – in terms of destroyed lives and unfunded/uncovered healthcare expenses – is immeasurable.

What does this mean for you?





2 thoughts on “Consequences.”

  1. Joe, What does God’s Word say Jesus would do? What does He tell us? Notwithstanding whether you choose to write a response to those two questions, your point about health care coverage is right on point. When a woman is raped and becomes pregnant, if the jurisdiction will not allow abortion, then it should provide complete health care for Mom and Baby as well as mental healthcare for both as needed. Free of charge with no excuses. I believe the Feds could impose that requirement and/or provide that care on its own with a chargeback to the state. Am I correct in that?

    1. Hi Steve and thanks for the note.

      I’m not religious at all, but what I hear from those who claim to be “Christian” certainly supports your assertion that forcing a woman to have her rapist’s baby does come with a societal obligation to then care for that woman and her baby.

      I do not think the Feds could require that – but I am not expert in those matters.

      Perhaps those forcing rape victims to have babies could be required to pay for the care for both?

      be well Joe

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