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The Pro-Life solution to the US health crisis

There’s a health crisis in the US – more people are dying younger, most from preventable diseases.

The good news is this is fixable. Sure there are any number of causes –

  • the opioid epidemic continues to destroy lives,
  • more kids are killed by firearms than anything else;
  • cancers associated with pollution are a major killer in some states;

all of which require thoughtful and very well-executed policy changes…which will take a lot of time, during which many more of us will die.

Like any complex problem the first task is to determine where the problem is. Thanks to the CDC, we know.

The lightest shaded states have the lowest life expectancy…

And the deepest red indicates states have the longest life expectancy.

8 of the States with the two lowest life expectancies have not expanded access to Medicaid…

And all of the States with the highest life expectancy HAVE expanded Medicaid.

Healthier people – kids, moms, grandparents, the disabled – live longer, more productive lives. And people with access to healthcare are far healthier than those without.

What does this mean for you?

If you are pro-life, the solution is blindingly obvious.


2 thoughts on “The Pro-Life solution to the US health crisis”

  1. Thank you Joe . It has made me wonder how people can say they are pro life but prefer the money in their wallets over their neighbors. I am one of them and a hypocrite. It is not us and them there is only us and we should do better.

    1. John – this is why I admire and respect you.

      agree we should – and must – do better. Taking care of the least fortunate among us is a universal responsibility.

      Either you are pro-life…or you aren’t.

      There is no morality in “pro-life only before birth”.

      Be well Joe

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