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Good news Monday…Rowing!, Obamacare, Ukraine and EV sales

Friday was opening day of the Intercollegiate Rowing national championships, so I was all in on watching my beloved Syracuse Orange race in the heats…

Great result – 6th in the nation for the Varsity 8…

So, that’s the reason for today’s Good News Monday.

First up…Obamacare saved my life” – showing once again that government CAN do great stuff.

And Ms. Will’s story is hardly unique.

Inflation…the real story

Turns out a major driver of food prices has been price gouging by retailers.

As more light is shed on big food, we are learning the extent of the profiteering…

  • During its Q1 FY 2025, ending April 30, 2024, Walmart saw its “consolidated net income” climb to over $5.1 billion, a 205.1% increase YoY, as the grocery giant spent $1.6 billion on cash dividends and $1.1 billion on stock buybacks.
  • During its Q2 2024, Costco Wholesale reported an almost 19% increase in net income YoY, from $1.4 billion to more than $1.7 billion, as it spent $8 billion on cash dividends and $322 million on stock buybacks during the first half of its FY 2024.
  • In Q4 2023, Target saw its net earnings top $1.3 billion, a 57.8% increase YoY, as it spent $508 million on cash dividends.

The Senate held hearings upon this last week, shining a very bright light on the real cause of inflation.

Note – we live next to several farms…suffice it to say our neighbors aren’t seeing the big jump in profits the big corporations are…


At LONG LAST Ukraine is able to use US weapons to attack Russia. This long-overdue policy change has already led to major setbacks for Russia.

The also-long-overdue arms package for Ukraine is heavily involved…with just one attack taking out a major oil refinery while drones sank 7 Russian ships.

EV Sales

You’ve heard a lot about lagging sales of electric vehicles…well, reality is Tesla sales have cratered while others – Ford, Rivian, Mercedes, BMW, Hyundai, Kia are surging.

Ford’s sales of the Lightning and Mach-E are booming  – good news for American jobs and the environment. 

Gotta wonder if Tesla’s problems are due to its shoddy quality control and/or CEO Elon Musk’s declining popularity.

What does this mean for you…

Government can do good stuff – if politicians let it!

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