Trump on health care

I cannot believe we actually have to discuss presumptive GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump’s health care plan. Trump’s website calls for few specifics; most are recycled from other GOP positions while some directly contradict his past statements about healthcare or standard GOP … Continue reading

Provider reimbursement changes – painful and necessary

Full or partial capitation, with or without risk withholds.  Per-episode payments or cost caps.  Fee-for-service with or without pay-for-performance.  Ambulatory care episodic payments.  Discount below billed charges.  Packaged prices. Value-based reimbursement. The list of reimbursement types and variations is long and … Continue reading

Harlow’s HWR is happening

Thanks David – an excellent review of PPACA implementation, transparency, drug formularies in exchange plans, and all things health policy related is waiting at your fingertips – literally!